Friday, August 27, 2010

Destination Charlottetown & The Red Island Rally

On August 26th I left New Brunswick and headed towards Charlottetown for the Red Island Rally.

My husband's mother is from PEI and his sister still lives here. He tried to prepare me for the island and what I would see but there are no words to describe this place that could possibly do it justice.

At Port Elgin I took exit in the round about (Traffic Circle) towards PEI and was amazed - the pavement is red...

I have not taken any pictures as of yet as it was raining really hard - but the visuals I have in my head I will do my best to share with you...

Coming over the Confederation Bridge - 13 KM or 8 miles of bridge was eerie.
It was foggy - so foggy you could not see the shore and yet visibility on the bridge itself was great.

As I left the bridge I entered a fairy tale world - the village at the end of the bridge looks much like it came out of a children's story book. Heading towards Charlottetown the roads are in rough shape - in a couple of spots they were a wee scary especially in the rain in others, you could relax and really look around - what a pretty, pretty place. The soil is soooo red - I can't wait to take pictures to show all of you - for those who have been here or loved here it will make you nostalgic I am sure and for those who have never been - perhaps it will make you more adventuresome and make you want to come this way.

It is only 50 KM from the bridge to Charlottetown but what a pretty sister in law has promised to take me around the island and I look forward to sharing those images with you as I snap them.

In the meantime, this morning is all about Charlottetown and exploring the old historic down town core and doing a trip report of the hotel I am in for today - the Delta Prince Edward.

Until later...ride safe

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