Friday, August 27, 2010

The Red Island Rally - an inaugural event

motorcycle eventsMany communities have turned to motorcycle events to spark some tourism opportunities and advantages - in this faltering economy, motorcyclists are amongst the few who are doing much travelling. Charlottetown is no different. For the past number of years they have looked at ways to attract more people to the island in what they term a slow point - the last week of August when many have headed home because of school starting.

antique and vintage bikes were on display in the events centre
A number of antique and vintage bikes were on display in the events centre as were Bob Mckay's bikes...Bob original hails from this fair island.
Choice Hotels at the Red Island Rally
The Choice Hotels were present giving out rider discount cards and other goodies.

Some Organic skin care products were on hand - the sun block was of particular interest - 30 spf and all organic - supposedly reduces the suns harmful handy work...
Watching the stunt riders
Quite the crowd gathered to watch the stunt riders - "The Hub City Stunters" and remember folks - this is FRIDAY afternoon!
A talented young Strunt men

A talented young Strunt men
As is evidenced by these pictures - they are talented young men.
A talented young Strunt men
This rally is small, down to earth and filled with small technical glitches that other events would NEVER face. Charlottetown is small - 39,000 people with a National shipping port that just happened to have 2 gravel ships (that's right, they have to haul gravel to this pretty little island) that docked early. Then mother nature decided that after a month and a half with no rain - she needed to shed some tears causing the red 'gravel' parking lot to be a bit soupy and sloppy.

One small thing after another cropped up and in spite of it all they have pulled it together and have the makings of a really good show in the years ahead. They have a good sponsorship base and the riding community sure is behind them!

 A peaceful and serene backdrop for the whole event to take place...

I had a blast and met great people and got fabulous photos and just had an all around great day - I can't wait to see what tomorrow will bring.

Until then - ride safe

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