Monday, August 30, 2010

The Ride to Remember for Heart & Stroke

Organiser of Heart & Stroke

Susan, the organizer of the Heart & Stroke's Ride to Remember was one busy lady.
The gals at the registration table were kept busy
(Susan - the organizer and a fellow rider - is the gal in the back of this picture with her hand to her forehead)

Being an event organizer means being flexible.
She had lots of blockers and out riders ready, the RCMP and the Charlottetown City Police were all on board and at the ready and then the staging area became too small.
The original staging area
The original staging area
staging area

Plan B - move as many as possible up to the church parking lot just up the hill. Now that's the kind of challenge every event coordinator loves to have! Too many bikes in one parking lot!

staging area (both ended up being used)
The new staging area (both ended up being used)

saddle and Ready to roll
In the saddle and ready to roll

Ready to roll for Heart & Stroke's Ride
Heart & Stroke's Ride Heading out
Heading out

The bikes at the destination - the Seaport Event Centre
The bikes at the destination - the Seaport Event Centre

It was wonderful to see the number of people who lined the streets cheering everyone on, honking horns and waving - it appears that Charlottetown has embraced the riders, the fund raising and awareness raising this event created along with the Red Island Run.

Susan was originally hoping for 100 to 150 bikes but the cause had approximately 275 bikes come out! I am unaware of the final total of the fund raising efforts but I am sure that with the number of bikes exceeding expectations, the funds raised did too.

It was a wonderful ride and the police were incredible as were all of the blockers and riders - everyone did their part! BDB

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